Welcome to our new site !!

We are proud to present the band "D R E A M S" new website!! This is the place to learn about the band,  see  HD pictures and videos, detailed bios and more ! Soon we will have a Facebook page, Dreamsbandlive and a Youtube subscription page to house the bands videos for you!  We hope you will visit often!

Take a look in the Gallery which is growing by the day, plus there are currently two videos in the video section,  or download the audio portion of the Philly show from our Audio Player right from the home page!

Look for Tour info later in the year !! Don't forget to  come say hi on Facebook!

To send an email directly to the band dreamsbandlive@gmail.com.

If you would like information about booking  band contact Legare Robertson at Foundingmusic@gmail.com ! We thank you !
Please tell your friends about D R E A M S !!!