David Stoltz

David is from West Hartford, Connecticut.   Growing up in the 60s, he was exposed to all sorts of music which included blues and jazz.  The Allman Brothers really struck a chord with Dave and in 1990 he met Jaimoe in his hometown outside a loft where he and his bandmates practiced. Jaimoe and David jammed at an open mike in town that night and a bond was forged. They played in various bands for years and in ’97 Dave was invited to audition for the Allman Brothers Band. This is when he met Dickey Betts where another strong bond was created. In 2000 when Dickey Betts and the ABB parted ways, Dickey invited Dave to play in his newly forming band. They did 2 cds and played together for 4 years. After that, Jaimoe tried a new lineup with Dave and formed Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band. This band is ongoing with 3 cds and more to come.

Dave has produced 2 cds of his own: Dangerous Canoes and More Dangerous Canoes. He plays guitar on these discs and is now singing too. He is the bass player for Dreams.  He is very happy and proud of Dreams!

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