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Migrate to facebook Mushroom Soup Please as this site will be down soon!

Looks like I will have to close this site. Please go to Mushroom Soup of facebook and to my page, Tad Isch for more info. We are in a transitional stage at this point. The facebook page for Soup is under construction! See you there! Thankyou!! See you at GABBA this year too !

INTRODUCING : m u s h r o o m s o u p

Playing Allman and Gregg Allman Band material for your listening pleasure. Great musicians, full instrumentation. Lets go ! Look for this project to hi the street mid to late summer.


I am pleased to announce the formation of the Band, Mushroom Soup! We will be playing popular Allman Brothers as well as The Gregg Allman Band Songbooks! We have stage , tour and studio musicians, some known,  some new to the family. This project will be alot like the Dreams project but will also concentrate on Greggs material as well. One of our drummers played next to Butch Trucks from the Allman Brothers on several tours. (Freight Train Band) . Our Bass and Keyboard players have too many credits to list. We will not copycat many of the leads, the will be ours but the songs remain the same. Each night you will be treated to a different show just like the Allmans did it! Hopefully we will be coming to a town near you in the next year! Keep and eye out . Artwork done by Peter Nogus, well know Allman Contributor! Thank you Pete!